Insomniac Theater

Do you share something dark and twisted and stay up into the night?
Or do you share something light and comical in the hopes of a laugh?
Do you try to find words for all the things you can’t say?
Or try to find the perfect phrase crafted by someone alone in the dark?
If you found the right thing to say could you make yourself say it?
Or would it slip away like the fading thoughts at the edge of sleep?
Do you stay up and let the hurt ache inside your chest?
Or do you grip your pillow tight and hope it fades by morning?
Is it better to live insomniac with the self inflicted pain of memory?
Or do you doze off into the unknown ether of what dreams may come?
What’s more terrifying: the familiar demons in your head?
Or the unknown one under the bed?
What do you do when you don’t know what to do?
What do you do when all you can do is feel?

Freedom From Religion

As that devout agnostic, I have avoided all spiritualties and faith on principle, though I try to retain a working knowledge of the many camps. I just do not accept any singular perspective and attempt to define the (currently) unexplainable based on our narrow understanding and perception of the universe, reality, and The Real (in post-modern terms).

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Day Zero

We stand at this precipice
Looking over the cliff's face
Staring at the depths from which we have climbed
The sea, we learned to walk
The breath, we learned to speak
The words, we used to build bridges.

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Soon I'll Come Around

When days look like forests and the idea of the future feels like getting lost beneath the canopy of Amazonian wildernesses, trying to stay afloat takes a different set of skills while on dry land. 

In the end I've come to learn that whether or not you decide to put your heart into it or not, life very well may cost you it all the same.

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